Elite Stream TV Funnel

Instagram & Facebook Software & Elite Stream TV Funnel.

View Demo: www.ShakeTheCable.com

You must purchase your domain (preferably from GoDaddy) and edit the “records” to mine for hosting. Those steps are below in the bottom description of this page. There are 8 autoresponders that can be connected, those are listed in the form below.

Your ESTV funnel subscription is set up with recurring PayPal payment of 9.95 a month comes with the full funnel, the front page video edited with your domain at the end, a square & rectangle promo banner, and support. Cancel anytime, no refunds.

$9.95 / month

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How to use your domain. (From Godaddy)
1. Goto “my products”
2. Goto the domain you want to use click “DNS”
3. Top of the “Records” you will see Type, Name, Value, & TTL
4. The first row (type: A / Name: @) click the pencil icon all the way to the right
5. Where it says “points to” put in:
6. Hit save


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