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How To Rank On YouTube Funnel

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This is an exclusive marketing funnel targeting the secret to ranking on YouTube. Professionally built with Wordpress where you collect leads to an autoresponder to build your list and then charge $19.95 for your leads to gain access to actually learn the secret to ranking on YouTube. Some funnel edits can be customized for CEO members like custom screenshots, videos, and links. If you are not a CEO member funnel comes “as is” connected to your autoresponder & PayPal. You must purchase your domain (preferably from GoDaddy) and edit the “records” to mines for hosting. Those steps are below in the bottom description of this page. There are 8 autoresponders that can be connected, those are listed in the form below.

Your YouTube funnel subscription is set up with recurring PayPal payment of 15.99 a month comes with the full funnel, the front page video edited with your domain at the end, a square & rectangle promo banner, and support. Cancel anytime, no refunds.

$149.95 / year

Your Name *

Your Phone Number *

Your Email *

Your Domain *

Prove your domain link & make sure you follow the steps below for hosting it.

Which autoresponder are you using? *

MailChimp: Need API key – Login to your MailChimp account, go to account – extras – API, generate a new API key.
GetResponse: Need API key – Login to your GetResponse account, go to account details – GetResponse API, enable the secret API key
Mad Mimi email & API key – Login to your Mad Mimi account, go to account, find the API key in the right sidebar and copy it here.
ActiveCampaign: Need API URL & API key – Login to your ActiveCampaign account, go to My Settings, API tab.
Campaign Monitor: Need API key – Login to your Campaign Monitor (Createsend) account, go to account settings, click “Show API key”
EmailOctopus: Need API key – Login to your EmailOctopus account, go to API, click “Create a key”.
Aweber: Need authorization code – login with your account and click “Allow Access”. Then copy/paste the generated authorisation code

Please paste your needed autoresponder information here

If having trouble with this step, you may skip and support will help you through it.

Your Email List Name *

The name you gave your list in your autoresponder

Are You An Ad Boost Member To Offer Free Vacations? *

If you are not a member and would like to offer free vacations as an incentive, please visit www.FreeTripIncluded.com

Want Admin Access? *

Have WordPress skills & would like to be able to log in as Admin? Make your own customizations to your funnel & play editor. If yes there is an additional $9.95 added to your monthly subscription.

Your Paypal Credentials *

This is to connect the $19.95 your leads would pay you to learn the secret.
Will need Gateway Account Email, API Username, API Password, & API Signature in order to work.
Youtube/Google how to obtain those.

SideBar Content #1

Some pages have a sidebar space, here you can promote up to 3 things of your choice. Such as Facebook, Royaltie, Builderall, MCA, Avon etc. You can skip this if you choose not to have anything in the sidebar and make every page full width. If you have something you would like to put there use these 3 boxes to upload your image and provide your redirecting link. If image is to large email it with your domain as the subject line to joinwithduffy@gmail.com

(max file size 128 MB)

Sidebar Content #2

(max file size 128 MB)

Sidbar Content #3

(max file size 128 MB)

Your CEO Website

For CEO Members, All others skip


How to use your domain. (From Godaddy)
1. Goto “my products”
2. Goto the domain you want to use click “DNS”
3. Top of the “Records” you will see Type, Name, Value, & TTL
4. The first row (type: A / Name: @) click the pencil icon all the way to the right
5. Where it says “points to” put in:
6. Hit save


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