Why Do So Many People Fail In Online/Affiliate Marketing?

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Part of the reason on why so many are failing in online/affiliate marketing is because they just promoting the same “buy this buy that” post to the same people everyday on facebook. You have to grow your facebook to reach new users as well as venture off of facebook too.

7 out of 10 ppl always say, yeah I really need to make my Youtube channel, and 2 of the 10 say I made one but haven’t done anything with it, and that 1 is following the formula and getting results.

So one of the first steps is not trying to recreate the wheel and see what’s already working. If you can see clear as day that I’m ranking Youtube videos and I’ve said go here to learn how to rank your video, there are no excuses for why several months go by and you’ve not made traction.

Ok, maybe you’re not 100% with the videos yet. I understand. Have you put any work into your social media growth? Are you wearing your brand on your t-shirt? Are you setting goals to speak with just 3 new people a day about your business? Have you set up just one Facebook ad yet?

So many people are into online marketing to “get rich fast” when in all reality, it just simply doesn’t work that way. And most people realize that fairly quickly when they join and see they actually still have to put in work.

Follow mentors that actually offer training, value, & knowledge. So many people fail because they see somebody getting money, then join and get no help or support, because the person they joined with just looking to get paid, not build a team. Team work maes the dream work.

Just because you have a hot product doesn’t mean you will get sales & sign-ups. I’m a firm believer that people do business with people. After 5+ years making my way into this industry, I’ve built a lot of trust with a massive network of like-minded friends. Which in return, tremendously helps my sales & referral rate.

It doesn’t happen over night. Being successful in online & affiliate marketing requires consistent hustle & grind. And it’s a numbers game. 1000 impressions, 100 clicks, 10 really interested, 1 going to buy.

In pursuit of being self sufficient with financial freedom, you’re going to sacrifice 40 hour work weeks for 80 hours You’re going to go through trial & errors to find your niche. You’re going to even lose money sometimes.

I would assume the only way to avoid that is if a major marketer directly puts you on or you already have the bag secured to pay for the position you want.

So don’t give up & stay at it! Be persistent to find what works for you, and don’t be scared to ask question and research your interest.

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